World Cup Cheat Maradona - World Cup Winner

The real World Cup great's only need to be mentioned by one name and our next World Cup legend is best know simply by the name Maradona. This Argentina World Cup legend came to the fore in the 1980's where he took over the mantle as the new king from Pele with outstanding performances in the 1982 Spain and 1986 Mexico World Cups.

The one performance that really demonstrated his brilliance was in the 1986 World Cup against England where he scored two goals both of which went down in World Cup history. His first was known as the "Hand of God" goal where he used his hand to beat Peter Shilton the England Goalkeeper. While most people around the globe was brandishing Maradona as a cheat he went on to score one of the most memorable World Cup goals ever by taking the ball up in his own half and going on to dribble his way round what seem like the whole England midfield and defence to score and defeat England almost single handed.

Maradona was a controversial person but nobody to deny his football prowess and he thrilled us in four World Cups.