First Goalscorer

World Cup First Goalscorer Betting

There are few rules to be aware up when betting on the first goalscorer and the most important of these is that when you bet on the First Goal Scorer that is substituted / sent off before the first goal is scored you have lost your bet.

If you bets on a player not taking part in the match will be void or should you bet on the First Goalscorer market where your selection comes on after the first goal is scored your bet is void and you will get your stake returned unless the first goal is an own goal, in which case bets will stand.

All players that take part in a match will be considered 'runners' for Last Goal scorer purposes. Should there be any doubt as to whether a bet is intended for First Goalscorer / Last Goalscorer, in all cases it will be settled on the First Goalscorer.

Very importantly there is sometimes a doubt or a dispute over the award of a goal, for betting purposes settlement are generally based on the goalscorer listed by the Press Association immediately the match has finished. Please note that own goals do not count. Any subsequent alterations to Press Association records will not count.

Where there is more than one player with the same surname and the selection has not been identified by either the first name, team or qualifying price, the player with the lowest advertised price will be taken as the selection. In the event of one or more players being quoted at the lowest advertised price dead heat rules will apply.

Own goals do not count and extra time does not count.